Alpino Restaurant Bar with magnificent views of Lago delle Fate and Val Quarazza

Located at the edge of the impressive Lago di Fate in Val Quarazza, it is within walking distance of the village Isella of Macugnaga. Spend your day in our natural paradise. From the ideal breakfast, your delicious aperitif, lunch with the products of a careful search for raw ingredients, in the afternoon a tasty snack with desserts made in-house.
The restaurant offers typical dishes with local cold cuts and cheeses, seasonal pasta dishes with quality and typical products, our stone-ground polenta accompanied by tasty stews, beef and game or local cheeses and to finish our in-house desserts.

+390 324.65277
Loc. Belvedere
28876 Macugnaga
Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 8
28802 Mergozzo
Piazza Cadorna, 34
28838 Stresa
Via A. Cardini, 11
28831 Feriolo VB